22 novembre 2017

Keith Haring - Nouveaux Stickers géants en Avant Première

Fans de Keith Haring, voici un petit avant goût des tout nouveaux Stickers Muraux qui nous arrivent très bientôt ;)

Avec pas moins de 3 nouvelles iconographies au format XXL (Untitled world - Untitled Heart 88 et Untitled Cup Man), vos murs vont s'égayer instantanément avec une avalanche de couleurs POP.

En attendant, pourquoi ne pas découvrir les autres oeuvres de notre collection
de stickers géants Keith Haring?  

3 commentaires:

zyairkhan a dit…

In this blog, we'll also discuss the history and significance of Keith Haring's art in popular culture. We'll look at how his work has continually inspired and influenced artists, designers, and even activists worldwide. The giant stickers are not just an artistic expression; they are a celebration of Haring's enduring impact and a new way to connect with his vision.encontrar abogado de bancarrota cerca de mí

Alexander_01 a dit…

Excitement builds as the iconic Keith Haring's art takes a bold new form with the release of new giant stickers. Preview the larger-than-life expressions of Haring's distinctive style. These stickers promise to make a statement, bringing the energy and vibrancy of his work to new dimensions. Don't miss this artistic spectacle! "Your comment is like a burst of confetti, adding joy to our blog. Each word is a brushstroke on the canvas of conversation, creating a vibrant tapestry of ideas. We eagerly await your next insight, as your contributions light up our digital world. Thanks for being our comment superstar!" violate protective order virginia

charloteequeen a dit…

Keith Haring's nouveaux stickers géants are pure artistic magic brought to life! 🎨✨ The vibrant energy, iconic symbols, and bold colors encapsulate Haring's timeless spirit. Each sticker feels like a dynamic piece of urban poetry, transforming any space into a canvas of creativity. A visual feast that pays homage to an extraordinary artist. Kudos to the creators for bringing Haring's brilliance to a whole new dimension! 🌈👏 #KeithHaring #ArtisticInnovation #StickerMagic

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